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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ before_script:
# Add gitlab as known host to avoid prompt
- echo "$SSH_KNOWN_HOSTS" >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- chmod 644 ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- echo "$AMIRO_CI_DEPLOY_PRIVE" | tr -d '\r' > ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
- echo "$AMIRO_CI_DEPLOY_PRIVATE" | tr -d '\r' > ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
- chmod 700 ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
......@@ -7,7 +7,39 @@ This report can be compared to an existing one which generates an comparison con
The [Wiki](../../wikis/home) contains more detailed information about the capabilities and how
to use `amiroCI`.
## Setup
## Usage with GitLab CI
_The following steps require you to have Maintainer Access to your repository_
1. Add this repository's server as known host
- You need to store its public key in the GitLab variable used by `.gitlab-ci.yml`
- [Create a variable]( called `SSH_KNOWN_HOSTS` and past the following content:
``` ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCufQV6CCSOdr9y3k61JY2tTAERqSaqq692q+Pfrq8r0oPIUBaTpFP3aJNEFipVqpgQSxLnHni8BH0FpoCYY2H7XXlmplW4B42VoGBmrEzJa3ya2xQqrPaqqXTbAxdqVcdatgt5uG1TbQj28oKnYexanGhxbGJLkcKIW3KyfUxq1Q+5motxBOELFCVajFuCSPTz7NNypKM+fTG8Z33+mom7KA4aDvan/vhqy3NfR/FS4wFYo6O/sKJ4BYit+4CZE4ZbfjODitlYCQ0J10+37rxZ3F4bQv6QXaeNKG7qDy3BVEjxa5tUATTt9j+kqOSDFoqJD2sedEd1tbRVs4ZCdqRt
1. Obtain a __deploy key__ (read-only) for the [AMiRo-CI]( repository
- This allows cloning of the repositories contents
- Only members with __Maintainer__ access to the repository are able to create deploy keys
- Obtain the private part of the key and [store it in a variable]( called `AMIRO_CI_DEPLOY_PRIVATE`
1. Add the CI configuration file to your repository
- Download the `.gitlab-ci.yml` from this repository:
- Or merge its content with an already existing CI config
1. Schedule the pipeline execution
- The `.gitlab-ci.yml` configures two execution stages, one will run with every commit and one with run only when triggered by a schedule
- [Add a pipeline schedule]( with your desired execution interval
1. Specify the configs to use
- Two separate CI/CD Variables define the configs used for CI/CD runs triggered by commits or schedules
- [Create variables]( pointing to the respective configs you want to use
| Variable Name | Example Value |
| ------------- | ------------- |
## Manual Setup
pip install git+
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