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Directories structure:
./readme.txt - This file.
./license.txt - GPL3 license file.
./src/ - ChibiOS/RT portable kernel source files.
./src/include/ - ChibiOS/RT include files.
./src/templates/ - ChibiOS/RT non portable source templates, new ports are
started by copying the templates into a new directory
under ./demos/.
./ports/ - Architecture/compiler specific portable files.
./demos/ - Demo programs for specific archtectures/boards.
./docs/doxifile - Doxigen project file.
./docs/index.html - ChibiOS/RT documentation (after running doxigen).
Current ports under ./demos:
Win32-MinGW - ChibiOS/RT simulator and demo into a WIN32 process,
MinGW version.
Win32-MSVS - ChibiOS/RT simulator and demo into a WIN32 process,
Visual Studio 7 or any later version should work.
LPC214x-GCC - ChibiOS/RT port for ARM7 LPC2148, the demo targets the
Olimex LPC-P2148 board. This port can be easily modified
for any processor into the LPC2000 family or other
boards. The demo can be compiled using YAGARTO or any
other GCC-based ARM toolchain.
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