Commit f211eb79 authored by Christian Poth's avatar Christian Poth
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Fix bug tg location.

parent aceb7211
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ gazeTex = Screen('MakeTexture',, stim.matGazeStim);
fixPos = CenterRectOnPoint([1 1 size(stim.matGazeStim(:, :, 1))],,;
Screen('DrawTexture',, gazeTex, [], fixPos);
tx = - va2pix(trialDesign(2), scr.distance, scr.width, scr.xRes);
tx = + va2pix(trialDesign(2), scr.distance, scr.width, scr.xRes);
ty =;
if trialDesign(4) % If target should be presented...
tgTex = Screen('MakeTexture',, stim.matTgStim); ...load the target texture.
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