Commit 38e838dd authored by Zoé Loschen's avatar Zoé Loschen
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Bugfix change color with same color

parent cb267822
......@@ -67,12 +67,12 @@ def get_color_vectors(generator, num_examples=10):
return green_vector, blue_vector, red_vector, white_vector
def change_color(latent_vector, current_color, target_color, vector_path):
latent_vector = latent_vector[0]
if target_color == current_color:
return latent_vector
current_color_vector = np.loadtxt(vector_path+'/'+current_color+'_vector_24x40.csv') #.reshape([1, NOISE_DIM])
target_color_vector = np.loadtxt(vector_path+'/'+target_color+'_vector_24x40.csv') #.reshape([1, NOISE_DIM])
latent_vector = latent_vector[0]
current_color_vector = tf.convert_to_tensor(current_color_vector, dtype="float32")
target_color_vector = tf.convert_to_tensor(target_color_vector, dtype="float32")
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